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Telemedicine in Skilled Nursing is not the Future, it’s the Now

Telemedicine is happening now | CPS

“Indeed, telemedicine is expanding across the country, changing from something providers and patients consider cool to something they consider essential.” (Source: Modern Healthcare)

Facilities committed to the delivery of quality care are using virtual physician-supported services to bring care to patients at their bedsides in real time, after hours and on weekends when staff physicians are not on site.

This advanced technology is elevating skilled nursing care by enabling nursing staff to consult with board certified physicians to treat patients in place, making telemedicine a highly-sought value add in the skilled nursing space.

Uninterrupted care not only improves patient outcomes but also lowers facilities’ return-to-hospital rates and controls spend, giving the communities implementing telemedicine programs a true competitive advantage.

Care Purchasing Services (CPS) is ready to help your Skilled Nursing Facility leap ahead the rest through our robust Telemedicine Programs. 

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Curavi Health

Curavi Health is a leading telemedicine provider in the post-acute environment, including skilled nursing facilities. By combining video technology and digital diagnostic tools with Curavi’s network of highly trained physicians, doctors can quickly examine and treat residents virtually at their bedsides.

  • 98% treat-in-place rate
  • 40% of consults results in avoided hospitalization
  • Communities improve clinical outcomes and get/stay in narrow networks with hospital partners and ACOs

The Curavi Health Advantage:

  • Night, Weekend, and Holiday Coverage: Curavi provides a wide variety of solutions catered to the post-acute care environment
  • Highly Trained Physicians: Small physicial-only group dedicated to the community, specialized in Senior Care
  • Seamless Care: Timely communication with community’s care team and family members
  • Client Service: Dedicated support teams monitor operations and ensure program success
Third Eye Health

Third Eye Health is a national healthcare company providing technology-enabled medical services to post-acute and long-term care organizations, helping reduce unnecessary acute transfers and readmissions. When a resident is in need of immediate medical care, the bedside nurse—with the touch of a button—conducts a remote consultation with a Third Eye physician through secure text, picture, or video messaging, day or night.

Third Eye Health clinicians provide the best level of care while improving outcomes and increasing overall satisfaction:

  • Reduce return-to-hospital rate by managing patients in place, resulting in large cost reductions and enhanced facility profitability
  • 24/7 medical coverage via Telehealth with an “Eyes on Resident” bedside approach, including video, pictures, digital stethoscopes and other peripherals
  • Complementary to primary care provided by your medical and nursing staff

Telemedicine can set your community apart from the competition.
To learn more about reducing your return-to-hospital rate, controlling your spend, and enhancing patient care, contact CPS and Dina Boehm at 561-894-7629 or boehmdina@lcsnet.com.

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