Silversphere is an industry leading technology provider that is focused on providing customized technology solutions for senior care providers across the globe.  Our mission is to create, manufacture, and deliver technology solutions that enhance the safety, security, independence, and dignity of senior residents while also giving staff the most advanced and easy-to-use care tools available.

ATMOS Emergency Call Systems

Silversphere’s ATMOS emergency call systems can be customized to fit any care needs and operational requirements. Every system is held together with our wireless mesh network that provides an ‘always-ready’ system with complete wireless coverage to your entire building. Our ATMOS systems can include wireless pull-cords, push button call stations, resident pendants,  and a family of smart sensors. Operationally, our ATMOS system can provide staff check-in and resident check-in functionality to improve process and further preserve the dignity of your residents. Additionally, functionality like access control, wander management, and even smoke detection are options that can be added.

STRATOS dashboard

STRATOS is a cloud-based dashboard that provides your care staff or management team the ability to use technology as a tool to enhance the level of care your community offers. Within STRATOS, a user is able to view emergency call system data from multiple systems, replace or purchase new parts, and even interact with our tech support team when needed. Also, we have provided a library of training material and documents to help you better train your staff on the technology and improve overall system performance.