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SCA is the world leader in continence care with the brand names TENA and Serenity® and is also a leading provider of skincare products. In over 100 countries around the world, products are marketed under the TENA brand name.

TENA your Partner in Continence Management: Caring through People, Innovation, Evidence

People: TENA Portraits

TENA Portraits™ allows customers to optimize their incontinence programs by providing a deeper understanding of their residents. Specifically developed to focus on residents’ personal needs, TENA Portraits™ provides actionable insights based on a home’s unique resident demographics. This allows for a better understanding of your residents’ needs in comparison to the products and resources being utilized. Improvements from TENA Portraits includes better management of staff work load, increased cost efficiencies, and greater control of product inventory and incontinence budget. 

Evidence: TENA Solutions
TENA Solutions is an integrated offering that consists of innovative products, best-practice care routines, tools, training and expert support.

TENA Solutions is a comprehensive analysis that compares before and after continence care outcomes in a facility. Partnering with a customer, SCA can show overall improvement of resident well-being and financial savings related to incontinence care. TENA Solutions covers all areas in the home related to incontinence care including skin health, staff hours related to incontinence, resident and family satisfaction, and environmental impact.

Innovation: TENA Identifi  

TENA Identifi electronically tracks voiding patterns as they occur over 72 hrs. , and graphically converts the data into actionable, evidence-based reports to help you effectively optimize individualized continence care in terms of improved quality of life for the resident, optimized toilet routines, optimized product selection, and it is written to support the CMS F 315 guidelines

Innovation: TENA U                                                                                                           

A University of Knowledge                                                                                               
TENA offers a wide variety of practical tips, guides, and best practices. We support our customers’ need by providing staff the training they need when they need it, while delivering on customers’ mandates and regulations in providing in-home education to staff. TENA U focus on continence management, provides self-paced e-learning, track progress and performance with automatic reports, and all in 15-20 minute modules for ease of completion. 

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Essity (TENA)