PS Salon & Spa

Transforming Senior Community “Beauty Shops” into Professional Salons and Spas

Every service we provide touches three customers: seniors, family and friends, and our community partners.

PS has over a decade of expertise successfully:
  • Reducing the complexity of operating a successful salon and spa
  • Seeking opportunities to boost the marketability of our partner communities
  • Improving the quality of service in our salons and spas
  • Enhancing the level of service and quality of life for residents and their families

We manage all aspects of the salon and spa operation, including: staffing, training, licensing, operations, billing, supplies, and marketing.

Investing an unprecedented time, attention and resources, PS now has:
  • 800+ community locations in 36 states
  • 200,000+ seniors living in senior communities
  • 4+ million services performed
  • 1,400+ Employees (We call them PS Professionals)

To learn more about PS, please visit our website,

Our portfolio has grown and also includes PS Design & Procurement—delivering unrivaled expertise and consultation services in senior community salon and spa design, space planning, professional equipment selection and procurement.

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Tiffany Spooner
PS Salon & Spa