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Delivering Unrivaled Expertise in Senior Community Salon and Spa Design Consultation and Professional Equipment Procurement

Drawing on a decade of unique experience renovating and operating over 800 salons and spas in all levels of the care continuum throughout the country, we understand the full range of considerations for every project and will give you peace of mind that you’re getting the most out of this valuable amenity.

Design Consultation

Our team partners with senior community operators, interior designers, architects, and developers to help all parties incorporate a community’s culture and values into the form and function of their salon and spa environments. Gain expert insight through our consultation process for Space Planning, Investment Strategy, Location Analysis, Level of Care Planning, and Licensure Requirements. From single chair salons to full-service spas, we can help navigate the complicated intersection of residents’ needs, available space, cosmetology state board regulations, and desired service offerings.

Equipment Procurement

Not only do we have direct access to every major salon and spa equipment manufacturer, but we offer industry-best pricing to our clients and have a portfolio of PS Custom designed items specifically for senior clients, only available through PS Design & Procurement! Set up a Group Purchasing plan with us for a streamlined approach across your network for quality and customized salon and spa equipment.

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PS Design & Procurement