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An Essential Part of Your Team

The cost report can be a large part of the success of your organization, and therefore, it is imperative you are working with consultants that can help you optimize its value. Do you see your cost report as a yearly “compliance” report?  Is it another nuisance that is forced upon you by the government?  Your Medicare and/or Medicaid cost report can be used as a useful analysis tool.

What kind of relationship do you share with your cost report consultant?  Does your consultant only interact with you once a year when it’s time to submit the report?  It’s a misconception that thinking about the data you need to provide for your cost report only happens right before your year end; rather you should be thinking about this throughout the year.

Mueller Prost strives to deliver services that generate growth, foster education of management and staff and secure the overall financial health for our clients by utilizing our expertise and consulting tools.

Consulting Services

  • Medicare and Medicaid Cost Report Preparation
  • Reimbursement Consulting
  • Reimbursement Audit and Appeal Support
  • Financial and Operational Consulting
  • Healthcare Accounting

When you become a part of the “Mueller Prost Family” you can expect to receive frequent “client alerts” mid-year management letters to remind you of areas you should be considering before year end cost report filings,  comparison studies delivered at time of cost report completion to analyze your costs compared to your competitors and this is just the beginning!

Our client updates, consulting and cost reports all contain expertise you will not find at any mainstream accounting or consulting firm. Don’t be fooled; cost report preparation takes specialized skills and knowledge not found in any accounting class; it’s a wisdom that the Mueller Prost cost reporting master professionals must instill in any new consultant we bring to the team.  At Mueller Prost, cost reporting IS OUR BUSINESS.

Cost Report Consultants Dedicated to Find ACURE for Your Business Needs.

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