LCS is pleased to announce that LifeBio is our preferred source for reminiscence and life story recording products and services, impacting wellness, outreach, life enrichment, and volunteer/family engagement.
LifeBio provides a suite of proven tools and training to help people in communities to create their own autobiographies. Here are 4 critical areas of focus and how reminiscence and relationship-building affect seach one.

  1. Wellness & Health Care – Reminiscing is low cost brain fitness-and it’s fun too. LifeBio is viewed as an integral part of whole-person wellness in the dozens of LifeBio Certified Communities across the U.S., including Ardenwoods and StoneRidge. Reminiscence touches all dimensions of wellness. Studies show reminiscence lowers depression and physical pain too. Many people enjoy reminiscing, and it validates lives and helps neighbors become friends. Our easy-to-use, do-it-yourself biography tools and proven story capturing process makes story recording easier than ever.
  2. Outreach & Marketing – The competition is fierce and you may be seeking something new to differentiate your community from the rest. Consider becoming the hub for reminiscence and life story recording for the whole area. LifeBio’s press kit helps you spread the word. Communities have been in print and on TV news because of LifeBio.
  3. Life Enrichment & Resident-Directed Programming – It is important to tap into the experience of your residents and work with them so they can take the lead or help with programming with the support and encouragement of your talented and vital staff members. For example, interesting things like joining the LifeBio Team, leading a LifeBio 101 class, or working online at independently are all options for residents and staff in partnership. Residents of Ardenwoods volunteered to work with at-risk youth to share their wisdom and experiences.
  4. Family & Volunteer Involvement – There is value in creating a lasting legacy and it’s an area where people typically need help. Family members like having tools at their fingertips to capture a parent’s or grandparent’s life story when they visit or via the phone/web. Also, youth and adults are looking for meaningful volunteer work, and they want to connect with the Greatest Generation. LifeBio helps you change out those “same old” conversations.Intergenerational opportunities and pairing of youth or adult volunteers with residents is a big part of LifeBio’s approach because it’s a win-win-win situation for the participants and your community. Assisted living residents at StoneRidge volunteer to share their stories with local middle school students.

Request a Proposal from LifeBio today! Subscription models are available. LifeBio is an ongoing initiative in your community-providing books, web, classes, and ongoing training and support for your residents, staff, family members, and volunteers to have a great experience telling and sharing life stories. “Tell Your Story” marketing events are also offered by LifeBio. LifeBio Certified Community subscriptions vary by the number of residents at your community/campus. Take advantage of special CPS pricing and contact us today! So many life stories . . . just waiting to be told and shared.


As I talk about the CARES initiative and individualized service efforts, I recommend that every community consider LifeBio. –Laura Franco, VP, Director of Health Care Alliances & Education

From a marketing perspective, LifeBio underscores the LCS corporate philosophy that each of our communities is as unique as the residents who live there. And, it can generate strong stories and experiences that will enhance individual community distinction in the marketing message and positioning. –Liz Bush, Sr. Vice President of Marketing& Sales

It is important to capture the history of our residents so we can really know each other. We can all learn so much from each person’s history. LifeBio creates a legacy for families, and many of us wish we had our parent’s or grandparent’s life story in writing or on video. What is unique in a community setting is that there are so many opportunities for the stories to be shared, adding a whole other layer to the experience. Residents share their stories with each other and with our staff, creating a bond like no other program. That is really my goal – to build community among all of us, to celebrate each person’s life, and know who people really are more deeply than what may otherwise be possible. –Debra Campbell, Executive Director, Ardenwoods

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Dina Boehm