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We’re Not Your Usual Pharmacy

Choosing a pharmacy provider is a decision that is crucial to the health of your residents and your ability to answer their needs. Quality-focused, Guardian Pharmacy is the third largest and one of the fastest-growing long-term care pharmacy companies in the U.S. Our goal is simple: to partner with you to provide enhanced, innovative and collaborative services for your community.
At Guardian, we work individually with facilities to design a customized pharmacy plan.  While other providers are servicing customers from regional hubs, we provide our resources through each local pharmacy, which means our customers receive guidance, support and insight from familiar faces who know their community.
Through our unique local autonomy business model, our local management teams have an ownership position and operate their pharmacies in the best interests of their local customers while benefiting from the leadership development, resources and analytical tools of our corporate support team. This approach helps our pharmacies be nimble, high-service providers and ensures that the communities and residents they serve receive the best care possible.
Guardian Pharmacy’s foundation is built on business acumen, industry expertise and our personal code of ethics, creating an organization that delivers. Our industry reputation and spotless compliance history speaks for itself, and those same high standards extend to every service we provide our customers.
Let us show you the Guardian difference and change the way you think about your pharmacy provider. 

For CPS Members

We offer the following value-added resources in addition to the services you already expect:

  • Personalized local billing, dispensing, consulting and customer service for high-touch attention
  • Favorable pre-negotiated pricing and terms
  • Increased census penetration in the ALF community of the preferred pharmacy. Through our exceptional customer and facility relationships, we help residents and their families feel more confident in choosing us. This results in a higher percentage of census penetration – often more than 80% – while other pharmacy groups typically attain much lower.  The benefit – higher penetration reduces stresses on staff, unnecessary labor costs and the potential for error.
  • Tailored continuing education courses designed for your staff’s specific needs on topics such as  Medicare Part D, med tech training, medication management and more
  • Customized compliance packaging systems
  • Trusted regulatory assistance through medication cart and pre-survey audit support
  • Expert pharmacy consulting services including formulary implementation and management
  • Efficient and effective technology designed  to increase efficiency of the med pass,  eliminate med errors and streamline communication
    • Not only can we interface with multiple eMAR systems, we can also support the community in seamlessly transitioning to an eMAR platform
    • Web-based portal  for online medication ordering, patient utilization data and billing
    • Barcoding technology utilized  to ensure safe packaging and delivery
    • Automated dispensing
    • E-prescriptions

Please visit our website at to learn more about our company and to find the pharmacy nearest to you. We look forward to having the opportunity to meet with you and to customize a pharmacy services plan for your community.

Please contact:

Dina Boehm

Guardian Pharmacy