Group Purchasing Resources

Business Evaluations to Save You Money

Save money on your existing Telecom services without making any changes. As neutral consultants, Group Purchasing Resources (GPR) auditors analyze hundreds of bills monthly, enabling them to gauge the best-in-class pricing for your industry.

 Auditing Services Include: 
  • Cable/Satellite TV
  • Internet and Phone
  • Waste/Garbage/Medical Waste
  • Property Taxes/Cost Segregation
How You Save Money

GPR looks for evidence of over-service, ensuring you are getting exactly what YOUR business needs.

GPR auditors are familiar with industry pricing and can negotiate the best pricing for you.

GPR auditors analyze your bills to identify errors—if they find them, they fix them. Billing errors are commonplace and can add up to thousands of dollars in just a few years.

With many GPR auditors previously employed in the industries, they know the negotiation policies, unpublished discount rates, and more. In 98% of the cases, they find savings for clients.

Contact CPS to Get Started
To begin the evaluation, GPR needs your most recent phone, internet, and/or cable or satellite TV bill.
Contact Kyle Brauckman at CPS to learn more:
Group Purchasing Resources