Freedom Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor Furniture that is Maintenance Free and Designed with Seniors in Mind

Freedom Outdoor Furniture is made in the USA from recycled plastic or High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE). Freedom Outdoor Furniture uses 94% recycled material in each piece of furniture. Because HDPE is durable, you will never need to store your furniture and it is guaranteed for 35 years never to crack, break, rot, splinter, or peel! The hardware is all stainless steel, and the furniture never requires painting or refinishing. Freedom Outdoor Furniture has a closed molecular structure not allowing mold or mildew to collect. A UV inhibitor is incorporated into each piece of material to prevent fading or breaking down in extreme temperatures.

Choose from over 350 different styles and designs available in nine great earth tone colors, including any two-tone color combination. Freedom Outdoor Furniture is pleased to offer engraving and customization.

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Rose Ann Di Guglielmo, Vendor Account Manager

Freedom Outdoor Furniture

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