EngagedPro offers an Independent, Objective, and Transparent approach to analyzing your current
IT/Telecom requirements. Via its contracted relationships, EngagedPro delivers levered access to
all IT/Telecom providers thus lowering costs with improved services and support.
The EngagedPro team acts as an advocate on behalf of our clients, sharing knowledge to ensure
clients have the due diligence and information required to make an informed decision. The client
does not pay EngagedPro as we are compensated by the service provider or contracted partners.
With direction from EngagedPro, the client selects the best provider to meet their needs for
desired service(s). EngagedPro effectively takes the place of the direct sales team in the provider’s
financial model.


EngagedPro primary core competencies include:

1. Procurement Consulting – data collection, offering solicitation, proposal generation
2. Vendor Management – selection, negotiation, escalation services
3. Project & Product Management – introduction, oversite, deployment, measurement
4. Single Point of Contact – support services, consolidated billing


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Kyle Brauckman