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Pharmacy Rebate Program for CPS Members

Care Purchasing Services (CPS) partners with Empirian Health to help skilled nursing facilities offset their pharmacy costs through an innovative Pharmacy Rebate Program.

Benefits of Pharmacy Rebate Program
  • NO COST: Your community saves big with zero out-of-pocket cost to participate
  • COMPLIANT: This program has been rigorously vetted and is held to the highest compliance
  • SEAMLESS INTEGRATION: Program is an overlay to your existing pharmacy agreement

Rebates include all forms and routes: Intravenous, PO, Injectables, Topicals

Empirian uses your current pharmacy utilization for rebate filing.

Rebates are paid out to your community on a quarterly basis.

Open the Gates to Pharmacy Rebates! Contact CPS:
Dina Boehm

Download Pharmacy Rebate Program Flyer


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