Easy Meal (OFD Foods)

Bulk Emergency Food Solution

Easy Meal Food Service makes bulk emergency food preparation and storage simple. From power outages to severe storms, their disaster food solution ensures your organization is prepared. Easy Meal’s freeze-dried food kits contain multiple servings and are meant to feed large groups.

  • Easy to Store: Kits have a 10-year shelf life and come in easy-to-store boxes.
  • Easy to Prepare: Just add water and Easy Meal kits are ready to serve.
  • Easy to Love: Emergency food kits deliver amazing gourmet flavor that appeals to everyone.
  • Easy to Approve: Easy Meal provides a cost-effective solution to fit your budget.
Emergency Preparedness Requirements

State governments require some organizations to have an emergency preparedness plan in place and disaster supplies such as food and water for residents. Many states require maintaining emergency supplies of food and water for three days, though some states require five to even seven days of recommended supplies.

Proven Shelf Life

Real-time testing has been done on the shelf life of Easy Meal products. The results have been so successful that they confidently offer a 10-year guarantee.

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Stay Prepared and Remain Compliant with Easy Meal:
Easy Meal (OFD Foods)