Oregon Freeze Dry / Easy Meal

If your community were to be struck by a disaster; a severe storm, earthquake or tornado – you may not have access to fresh food, water or electricity for days. Therefore, it is vital to make a plan and have emergency supplies on hand.

Many states require 3 to 7 days of emergency food supplies to be on hand at all times. As you know, this is on your survey checklist.

Easy Meal can help. Their cost effective, efficient and high-quality emergency meal kits make the planning and storage easy. Each Easy Meal Deluxe Kit provides 25 people with about 1,900 calories per person / per day for three days. You can be confident you are providing your community with nutritious, quality meals in their time of need.

These products have a 10 year shelf life guarantee which means that your community will not need to monitor expiration dates, throw away product and reorder every year.


Easy to Store
Kits have a 10-yr shelf life & come
in easy to store boxes.

Easy to Plan
Turn Key Solutions.
Easy as “ABC, 123.”

Easy to Approve
Prepare for Federal
Mandate CMS-3178P.

Easy to Love
Our kits have universal taste
appeal to deliver enjoyment.

Easy to Prepare
Just add water & our
kits are ready to serve


For more information please contact Debbie Switz at 561.894.7658 switzdeborah@lcsnet.com

Oregon Freeze Dry / Easy Meal