Dorado Systems

Technology Solutions That Simply The Senior Care Workflow

Dorado Systems offers best-in-class senior care technology solutions for eligibility and claims management. Dorado’s workflow-driven solutions are designed to eliminate time-consuming processes and meet the unique needs of long-term care. Key benefits include:

  • Real-time and batch eligibility
  • Benefits and claims decision information
  • Increased efficiency and transparency
  • Dedicated ongoing support personnel

Improve your verification process to reduce denials and increase cash flow and reduce the amount you pay for Medicare DDE/FISS access with Dorado Systems.

Dorado Verify

doradoVerify is a user-friendly web application that offers a single dashboard for verifying patient eligibility and benefit information, helping to:

  1. Decrease denials and increase cash flows
  2. Streamline the patient check-in process
  3. Ensure quality registration data from the outset
  4. Improve operational efficiency, increase productivity, and reduce administrative time

Dorado DDE

doradoDDE is a user-friendly web portal built to meet CMS security requirements, enabling you to:

  1. Leverage your existing internet connections and browsers to access Medicare DDE/FISS
  2. Bypass up to 6 screens during the login process with user-specific bookmarks
  3. Quickly identify and make necessary adjustments to claims requiring attention
  4. Connect to multiple MAC regions simultaneously

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