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New Products in 2018!

Direct Supply has enhanced its Maxwell Thomas® Furnishings, including faux-wood chairs, decorative dining chairs, lounge chairs, and quick-ship common area furniture, to bring your community furniture that is stylish, inspiring, and ideal for Senior Living.

Direct Supply has expanded its Textiles to include antimicrobial sheets, towels, Quick Bib® Vest, and Direct Supply® Pool Towels to suit your residents’ needs.

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Direct Supply

Direct Supply is the leading provider of equipment, eCommerce and services to Senior Living, with unmatched response to customer needs and leading industry advocacy. We’ve designed our family of businesses around yours, so you can focus on what’s most important: your residents.

Direct Supply Equipment & Furnishings® offers over 1 million product and equipment solutions from our unmatched healthcare, clinical, furnishings, environmental and foodservice selection, plus you can rely on our experienced large project management services. Direct Supply® TELS® is a total building management solution that helps you stay on top of regulatory requirements and preventive equipment maintenance, all to help your buildings run smoothly. Our building and construction experts in Direct Supply® Aptura® create smart, flexible layouts and interior designs that will impress prospective residents. The experts at Direct Supply® Services & Solutions™ will help you identify, install and integrate the perfect monitoring system for your unique resident population. Direct Supply® DSSI™ guarantees compliance, formulary and spending control across your entire organization. Plus, Direct Supply® Local Services™ is coming to your community to provide trusted professional services such as landscaping, snow removal, HVAC, plumbing and electrical repair. Learn more at

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Direct Supply Equipment & Furnishings

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