Conscious Dying Institute


Sacred Passage Guidance:

Transformational End-of-Life Education and Care Practices

24-credit-hour Training for Caregivers and Staff

Your staff will learn to:

  • Communicate with compassion, confidence and skill, helping residents and their families talk about their wishes, concerns, and the care they want at the end of life
  • Provide Caring Practices through the use of touch, grief support, life review, and pre/post death celebrations
  • Build trusting relationships with families, residents, and colleagues
  • Develop strategies to promote psychological and physical well being, spiritual and emotional care for self and others

Conscious Dying Principles and Practices provide the foundational content for our lectures, dialogue, learning activities, journaling exercises, and more.

  1. Create healing environments
  2. Provide emotional and spiritual support
  3. Initiate conversations about dying process
  4. Practice self care to reduce burnout
  5. Demystify the stages of the dying process
  6. Acknowledge mysteries and  miracles
  7. Learn how to be with intense emotions
  8. Honor others’ beliefs and honor your own
  9. Be stewards of conscious deaths
  10. Attend at bedside  –  No one dies alone

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Tarron Estes has trained leaders and caregivers in health care systems and senior communities including:

  • Life Care Services of Des Moines Iowa
  • Piñon management Colorado
  • Eden Alternative
  • Kaiser Permanente Home Health, Hospice, and Continuing Care
  • Veterans Administration of Omaha
  • Wake Forest Health System
  • Pioneer Network
  • Colorado Health Care Association
  • Kansas Health Care Association

Her passion is providing life changing, nourishing end of life education to caregivers who become a confident comforting healing presence to our elders as they transition in care communities.


Conscious Dying Institute

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