As one of the 10 largest CPA and advisory firms in the nation, BKD utilizes experience working with approximately 3,500 health care providers nationwide to provide you with the knowledge, skills and service you deserve. Many organizations have turned to BKD Health Care Group for billing and accounts receivable recovery services. We have a team of billing consultants to help you get back on track and improve your cash flow and billing operations.

Billing Outsourcing Services

Inexperienced or improperly trained billing personnel can create cash-flow difficulties for your organization because of inappropriately suspended, paid or denied claims. Your organization may also face fraud and abuse issues if billing personnel do not understand the complexities of the billing process.

BKD Health Care Group consultants can bill your organization’s Medicare, Medicaid, commercial insurance and private-pay services to the appropriate payers, including insurance copay and deductible amounts. We also can review your supporting documentation and recommend ways to improve your regulatory compliance.

Our expertise allows us to complete the billing process for your organization quickly, resulting in increased cash flow because of fewer suspended claims and faster claims payment.

We can maintain the accounts receivable data for each resident and provide you with accurate and current financial logs and agings. Our reports provide, at a glance, uncollected receivables and collections received to date.

BKD Health Care Group consultants can help your organization get back on track with these accounts receivable recovery services:

  • Identify your outstanding claims
  • Resolve problems resulting in nonpayment
  • Collect outstanding claims
  • Train billing staff to prevent future accounts receivable problems

Accounts Receivable Recovery

Turnover in your business office, lack of proper training and failure of business office personnel to follow-up on unpaid claims can quickly result in a backlog of unpaid claims.

Too often, billing personnel do not have the time or the expertise to research and resolve claim problems. Timely filing limitations can turn your unpaid claims into write-offs.

Other Related Billing Services

  • Billing Operations Enhancement – Review of billing process to improve cash-flow and assess state and federal regulatory compliance.
  • Billing Compliance Audits – Identify areas of risk in your billing office and clinical records and recommend improvements.
  • Billing Training – Tailored training for your billing personnel on basic and advanced billing issues.

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