Bimbo Bakeries

CPS is pleased to announce Bimbo Bakeries as our endorsed regional vendor for fresh bread. Bimbo has over 10,000 products and over 150 brands worldwide. Today they are a leading baker, serving customers throughout the continental US. They are consistently providing superior quality products, category innovation and constantly expanding their distribution and product offerings.

  •  Bimbo Bakeries delivers on the following days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.
  •  Delivery days vary by area. The local Bimbo Bakeries sales team will advise on the delivery days available to your area and unit.
  •  $100-$150 minimum delivery (depending on market)
  •  No delivery or fuel charges
  •  Online ordering available
  •  Order schedules will be communicated by the local Bimbo Bakeries sales team.

Please contact:

Kenitha Fuller


Bimbo Bakeries

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