Ascribe Rx

Remote Medication Automated Dispensing System

  • Enables automated dispensing of up to 240 different types of solid oral medications.
  • Delivers unit-dose and multi-dose packages with 19 lines of user-defined label space.
  • Med pass time reduced by approx 40%
  • Shift change narcotic count time reduced by > 98%
  • Non-Dispense Rx Cost
    • Carrying cost of prescriptions not administered
    • Cost of non-returnable Controlled blister cards
  • Emergency/After-Hours Deliveries
  • Restricts access to stored medications with password-protection, locking metal doors electronically and video monitored.
  • First/stat doses available in approx 20 min
  • Blister pack reordering virtually eliminated
  • Significant reduction of nurse administration time managing orders/reorders/missing doses/receiving cards
  • Drug Waste Savings
    • Monthly Drug Waste Savings (Part A/Facility Direct Bill)
  • Formulary Savings
    • Therapeutic alternatives, Drug Substitutions

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Ascribe Rx

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