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How To Get A Significant Utility Refund For Your Organization

Utility Sales Tax Exemptions

Several states allow utility sales tax exemptions based on specific guidelines. Filing these exemptions can reduce your organization’s future utility charges and allows for refunds on past sales tax payments (for refund periods ranging from 36 to 48 months).

Care Purchasing Services (CPS) has partnered with AUTA (American Utility Tax & Audit) since 2013 to ensure our clients are maximizing their savings when it comes to natural gas, water, and electricity sales tax.

Recent Wins For AUTA/CPS
  • A CPS client community in Connecticut is set to receive a $50,697 refund (less AUTA fee) for commercial sales tax from electric accounts. In addition to the refund, they will benefit from ongoing annual savings of approximately $24,000 on future electric bills.
  • A portfolio of CPS community clients in Texas has obtained $79,677 in total refunds (less AUTA fee) for utility sales tax across four properties—plus ongoing savings on current bills.
AUTA’s only service is obtaining the lowest possible sales tax rate on your utility accounts plus any available refunds. AUTA’s one-time fee is 35% of your refund—there are no other charges and no ongoing contract. See what communities have to say about the AUTA service

 How do I get my savings and refund? 

1. You send AUTA one invoice each for gas, water, and electric

  • If your utility accounts are correctly taxed, AUTA will confirm this finding
  • If you are being charged a higher than necessary sales tax rate, AUTA will correct it

2. AUTA presents qualifying documents to the utility provider and the Department of Revenue

  • Your sales tax savings will start in about 30–60 days!

3. AUTA provides required information to the refunding entity

  • Sales tax refunds will be issued in about 1 to 6 months
  • AUTA bills you the one-time fee (35% of refund) when refund has been confirmed

 Which states allow utility sales tax exemptions? 

For-Profit: Connecticut | Florida | Kansas | Minnesota | Missouri | New York | South Carolina | Texas | Wisconsin

Non-Profit: Arizona | Colorado | Connecticut | Florida | Georgia | Indiana | Kansas | Michigan | Minnesota | Missouri | New York | Pennsylvania | South Carolina | Tennessee | Texas | Vermont | West Virginia | Wisconsin | Wyoming

 How do I get started? 

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