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Employee Retention: Vendor Programs to Reduce Staff Turnover

CPS vendor partners help keep your staff happy and in place

Investing in Employee Retention

With a strong correlation between employee satisfaction and resident engagement, investing in employee retention can both reduce costs associated with staff turnover and increase resident occupancy, leading to higher returns.

Care Purchasing Services (CPS) partners with strategic vendors to help you keep your staff engaged and in place. Keep reading to learn more.

 1. Find the Right People 


LeaderStat: National recruiting firm dedicated to senior living.

  • Experienced Directors on a Regional and Facility-Level
  • Top Executives

OnShift Hire: Online applicant tracking system.

  • Single system automates the applicant lifecycle from initial contact to hire.
  • Searchable database of quality candidates includes access to over 1,000 job sites.
  • Key reporting metrics include time-to-hire, candidate activity, job postings, and more.
Background Checks

IntelliCorp: Comprehensive employment screening services.

Drug Free Compliance: National drug/alcohol screening programs.

SanctionCheck: Online searchable database for exclusion review process.

 2. Communicate Effectively 

Digital Staff Communications

Touchtown Staff Communicator: Equips employees with critical information about their roles and responsibilities.

  • Mobile push notifications update staff in real-time.
  • Management relays information through segmented group messaging.
  • HR documents are hosted within a dedicated mobile and web app.
Digital Community Engagement Tools

Caremerge Calendar Central: Provides actionable insights for your employees when it comes to life enrichment programming.

  • Filters create personalized views into calendar information.
  • Attendance data show what events are working and which ones need work.
  • Intelligence reports give insight into residents’ activity history.

 3. Recognize Employee Achievements 

Digital Staff Communications

Touchtown Staff Communicator: Delivers tools to cultivate a culture of inclusion.

  • Showcases employee outstanding accomplishments and recognizes employee dedication among peers on digital signage.
  • Showcases employee of the month through notifications and group announcements.
Reward Programs

The Image Group: Personalized gifts for new employees and employee milestones—onboarding, anniversaries, life events, recognition training/development performance, team building, retirement, manager recognition, peer-to-peer recognition.

 4. Create Inviting Environments 

Break Rooms

Canteen One: Easy-to-implement vending solutions.

  • Wide variety of vending options for employees, including healthy snacks, sweet snacks, and packaged and fresh options.
  • Important for third-shift employees to have access to food options that may otherwise be unavailable or limited.

E. Sam Jones: Lighting solutions to help your employees feel more comfortable—improved lighting and ventilation has been shown to significantly improve cognitive function.

Spellman Brady & Company | RDG Planning & Design | Direct Supply Aptura: Interior planning and designing to provide comfortable furniture and furnishings for your employees.

CDW | Staples: Televisions and computers available to help your employees decompress during breaks.

Branded Products

Adlib Specialties | The Image Group: Branded merchandise and apparel for employees—branded items can create feelings of belonging to help foster loyalty among your staff.

Wellness Spaces

NuStep | LifeTec | Direct Supply: Fitness equipment for employees to use after-hours or during breaks.

BrightView | Landcare | Freedom Outdoor Furniture | Kwalu: Outdoor green spaces for your employees to help relieve mental fatigue. Read Green Design Blog

 5. Provide Employee Discounts 

Vendor Discounts

From office supplies to home improvement, CPS vendor partners offer discounts to your employees, residents, family, and friends so that your whole organization can save. Access the CPS Membership Portal for more information.

 6. Seek Input to Improve 

Compensation Consulting

LeaderStat: Compensation consulting services by nationally recognized consultants to revamp pay programs.

Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Touchtown Staff Communicator: Manages employee satisfaction surveys and questionnaires.

OnShift Engage: Captures employee satisfaction and feedback with customizable surveys.

CPS Employee Retention Solution
Contact your CPS Client Account Manager to implement the vendor programs you need to reduce your staff turnover.

Care Purchasing Services (CPS) connects organizations to hundreds of carefully vetted vendors in plant operations, food service, medical supplies, therapy, pharmacy, and more. Through its extensive network of vendor partners, CPS provides value-added programs to thousands of communities nationwide, helping them improve their operations with measurable results.