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Employee Engagement: Impacting the Bottom Line in Senior Living

Employee Engagement positively impacts bottom line in senior living operations

Reducing Employee Turnover

In senior living, reducing expenses and increasing occupancy are top of mind for an administrator, but many may not realize that  investing in employee engagement  can help accomplish this by reducing employee turnover and increasing resident satisfaction.

Employee engagement is an issue faced by companies across the world. According to Gallup research, a staggering 87% of employees worldwide are not engaged at work. More than half of employees (51%) are actively looking for a new job or keeping their eyes open to new opportunities.

The most obvious effect employee turnover has on an organization is the money lost to replace staff. Argentum explores other areas touched: unprepared management caused by employees being prematurely promoted to fill vacated positions, employee disengagement as a result of inexperienced management, loss of innovation by disengaged employees who have lost trust in management, and adverse effects on client care due to staff changes and disengagement.

Engaged employees are more likely to stay, and a recent survey found a strong correlation between employee satisfaction and resident engagement. And this translates to higher returns for an operator. In a white paper from Argentum and consultancy Great Place to Work, a hypothetical regional senior living operator with 1,500 employees and 20 communities stands to save $4.4 million annually and boost its occupancy by 2% just by increasing its employee retention by 10%.

Improving Employee Engagement

Care Purchasing Services (CPS) is dedicated to helping our clients be successful—both in driving down costs and improving resident care. With carefully vetted vendors across multiple business lines, we help communities address employee engagement:

Foster loyalty
Enhance Break Rooms
  • Provide and stock vending machines with items your employees want and need (especially important to third shift employees who may have limited food options)
  • Create an inviting space with furniture, furnishings, and lighting to make your employees feel comfortable while away from home
  • Provide technology options to help staff properly decompress during breaks, such as a shared computer, TV, and reliable internet
Focus on Wellness
  • Give your employees access to fitness equipment during breaks or after hours
  • Provide green spaces and add green building elements to help improve the health of your entire community

Green spaces help employees perform better. Academic research suggests that green spaces can relieve mental fatigue, which can improve employee work performance, satisfaction, learning, inquisitiveness, and alertness. Making changes to add “green” building elements, such as improved lighting and ventilation can significantly improve the cognitive function of your employees and residents. Read our Green Design Blog 

Publicize CPS employee Savings

As an added value of your CPS membership, we pass on discounts from our vendor partners to your entire organization to help your employees save on a variety of products and services, including office supplies, car rental, cell phone service, home furnishings, home improvement, gifts, and more. To download and share these savings, visit our CPS Member Portal page.

Let CPS Help You Engage Your Employees and Elevate Resident Care

At CPS, we’re here to help our clients add value to their organizations while making a measurable impact on operations. We can help you address the needs of your employees to ensure your staff is happy and healthy and your resident care is elevated. Contact us to learn more:

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