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CPS Recognizes Falls Prevention Awareness Day | September 22, 2018

Falls Prevention Awareness Day | CPS

Falls are the Leading Cause of Injuries for Older Americans

September 22, 2018 is Falls Prevention Awareness Day, sponsored by the National Council on Aging (NCOA). Care Purchasing Services (CPS) is committed to helping senior living communities and organizations implement fall prevention programs to help protect its residents and members.

Every 18 seconds an older adult is in the emergency room because of a fall. Falls not only threaten seniors’ safety and hinder their quality of life but also can be quite costly for a community and the resident.

Falls Can Be Prevented

Most falls result from three risk factors:

  • Physical changes in body
  • Behavioral changes
  • Environmental hazards

Many believe falling is something normal that happens with age, but this is simply a myth. Falls can be prevented through safer living environments, strength and balance exercises, managing medications, and improved cognitive function.

Care Purchasing Services (CPS) is proud to partner with well-respected, innovative vendors that provide products and services to help communities address safety needs to reduce the risk of falls.

From medical and therapy equipment to smart home technology to interactive programs, CPS has you covered.

Take Charge of the Health and Safety of your Community

Prevent falls and improve quality of care and patient safety with these CPS vetted vendor partners.

Make Your Community Environment Safer

Implement product solutions to help prevent falls, ranging from high low beds to infrared alarms to slip-resistant footwear and wearable devices. Address safety hazards such as uneven sidewalks. Make design changes to provide proper lighting and ensure residents can move around safely. CPS has vendor partners for every scenario:

  • Safety Equipment: Alimed, Direct Supply, McKesson, Medline
  • Slip-Resistant Footwear: SR Max
  • E Call/ Wander Management: CISCOR, Direct Supply, Esco Technologies, Pocket Finder, Silversphere
  • Smart Home Technology: CDW
  • Concrete Restoration: Grind-All
  • Lighting: E. Sam Jones
  • Traction Mats: Cintas
  • Interior Design: Direct Supply Aptura, RDG Senior Living, Spellman Brady
Focus on Resident Strength and Balance

Strength and balance exercises are important when it comes to your residents staying upright, and employing the right therapists to improve your residents’ skills and abilities can reduce fall risk. CPS has you covered on both.

  • Exercise and Therapy Equipment Vendors:  Direct Supply, LifeTec, Performance Health
  • Therapy Providers: Encore, HealthPRO®/Heritage, RehabCare, Therapy Management Corporation (TMC)
Manage Your Residents’ Medications

Medications play a big role when it comes to fall prevention, so it’s important to partner with a trusted pharmacy to meet your community’s needs. CPS has a partnership with many qualified pharmacy providers.

  • CPS Pharmacy Providers: AscribeRx, CareOne Pharmacy, Forum Pharmacy, Guardian Pharmacy, HealthDirect Pharmacy, Neil Pharmacy, Omnicare, Partners Pharmacy, PCA Pharmacy, Remedi SeniorCare, Rxperts, Uvanta
Improve Residents’ Cognitive Function

Personalized, purpose-driven recreational and leisure activities can help residents relax, be entertained, reminisce and laugh, keeping them engaged to reduce the incidence of falls.

  • CPS Interactive Vendors: It’s Never 2 Late, Joy for All Companion Pets, LifeBio, Linked Senior, Rendever

Click to Read our Fall Prevention Blog and learn more about the CPS Vendor Partners helping to prevent falls in senior living communities nationwide.

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