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CPS COVID-19 Communications Update
CPS is committed to our members and their COVID-19 pandemic needs. As the majority of PPE and disinfectant supplies are readily available, our vendor partners are no longer providing frequent inventory updates. Therefore, CPS will no longer send a COVID-19 Communication every Thursday, but rather only the Thursdays when there is new and pertinent information regarding PPE supplies, testing, vaccines and pandemic recovery solutions. Watch your inbox on Thursdays!

March 25, 2021

FDA News Release, March 25, 2021: FDA Warns Consumers Not To Use Durisan Antimicrobial Solutions Recalled Hand Sanitizer Alcohol-Free Due to Microbial Contamination
FDA is warning consumers and health care professionals not to use Durisan Antimicrobial Solutions Hand Sanitizer manufactured by Sanit Technologies LLC doing business as Durisan in Sarasota, Florida, due to microbial contamination. Durisan has voluntarily recalled its hand sanitizer product. Click here for the press release.

Breaking News! Off Allocation – McKesson
McKesson is pleased to announce that the following items are no longer on allocation.

    • All Vinyl Gloves
    • N95 Masks by Honeywell and Prestige

Now Available Abbott BinaxNOW Antigen COVID-19 Testing – McKesson
McKesson now has the Abbott BinaxNOW Antigen COVID-19 tests available. For more information, click here or contact CPS Clinical Programs Manager, Jennifer Kline at 443-542-8318 or

    • BinaxNOW Test Kit (McKesson # 1186179) is $270.00 per Test Kit of 40 tests ($6.75 per each test).

Omnicare/CVS Update Regarding Supply COVID-19 Vaccine Doses


    • CVS/Omnicare will be able to take orders for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine at the beginning of April to be distributed to Skilled/Post-Acute nursing centers (date to be confirmed) which are currently contracted to Omnicare service agreements; Omnicare will not be able to provide the vaccine to centers which do not have a service agreement in place.
    • Johnson & Johnson has been chosen based on availability from the federal government and the stability of the vaccine in regards to storage requirements (36° F to 48° F degrees); one dose requirement only.
    • Omnicare will be responsible for the procurement (via the federal government) and delivery of the vaccine along with the back end reporting to the CDC; a $40 fee will be billed for each dose; reimbursement from insurance should be applicable (to be confirmed).
    • Nursing center staff will administer the vaccination doses; CDC link to the J & J vaccine

Assisted/Independent Living

    • Assisted and Independent Living communities’ residents and staff may register for the vaccine via this document and its embedded links; vaccine will be administered at CVS Retail locations in those states where the vaccine has been made available to CVS at the retail level; no service agreement is required to be in place for community residents and staff to register.

Plastic Raw Material Update
Companies in the plastics industry are facing higher prices for raw materials due to increase in demand domestically and abroad and due to raw material shortages. Continued inflationary pressures in all major categories are leading to expected additional price increases in all resin related, paper related and chemical categories. Click here for update.

Latex, Vinyl and Nitrile Gloves Are Available – US21, Inc.
US21, Inc. has latex gloves, vinyl gloves and nitrile gloves available in cases of 1,000 (size S, M, L, XL). No bulk buys required. Quickly ships within 2 days! Distribution centers are located in North Carolina, Texas and California. No credit application or letter of participation required. To get started with US21, simply email CPS: Jennifer Kline with your contact information (name, title, company, address, phone number and email). US21, Inc. is a trusted supplier to state and federal programs, such as the Department of State, Department of Defense and some of the largest government contractors. Click here to view the US21 PPE Product Brochure.

PPE Website, 40% Discount on PPE – The Image Group (TIG)
The Image Group is offering CPS members a 40% discount on available PPE, such as masks (KN95, N95, disposable and reusable), disposable face shields, CPE and LDPE gowns, vinyl gloves, hand sanitizer products, disposable hand wipes, and infrared thermometers. Visit to place your order. Enter “CPS” as the discount code and receive the 40% discount. If you have any questions, email or phone Amy Butler at 1-888-780-8344.

Sysco Update – There is no new weekly update. View last week’s update: Sysco Week 3-22 UPDATE Low Inventory Report that provides the latest disruptions primarily caused by current or forecasted supplier shortages due to import challenges or an allocation process shift.

Know Your PPE Needs – CDS Burn Rate Calculator
As we continue to manage the COVID-19 cases within the United States and abroad.  Senior care operators need to continue to diligently investigate and ensure their PPE supply preparedness.  Utilize the CDC PPE Burn Calculator to explore your community’s PPE burn rate to help you better prepare.  It appears the recommendation is to have 120 days PPE supply on hand, but your individual needs may fluctuate given your current and future PPE burn rates.

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