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Care Purchasing Services (CPS) Celebrates Active Aging Week

CPS Celebrates Active Aging Week

October 1st through October 7th marks this year’s Active Aging Week, presented by Humana and the International Council on Active Aging.

In support of this year’s theme—Redefining Active—Care Purchasing Services (CPS) highlights those vendor programs that can embolden your residents to live life more fully.


Maintaining physical health is one of the most important aspects to active aging. CPS partners with reputable vendors to give you access to exercise and fitness equipment to keep your residents physically active:

  • Cardio equipment
  • Strength training equipment
  • Balance equipment
  • Stability equipment
  • Performance equipment
  • Stretching systems
  • Exercise mats and accessories

Did you know? CPS vendors can also help you plan and design your fitness spaces!


Brain health is another vital part of active aging. CPS clinical programs engage your residents based on their individual needs to enhance memory, cognition, and mental health functions:

  • Life enrichment
  • Life review
  • Lifelong learning
  • Reminiscence therapy
  • Activity products
  • Virtual reality

Check out these Active Aging Week resources to learn more about improving the brain health of your residents.


“No matter what you’re doing, doing it with others is good for your health and wellbeing.” (source: growingbolder.com/activeagingweek). CPS social engagement programs keep your residents stimulated and help combat social isolation:

  • Community Engagement apps
  • Family Engagement apps
  • Virtual reality group programming
  • Wireless headphone system for group events


Emotional health leads to living a life of passion and purpose. Help your residents stay emotionally active through these CPS vendor programs:

  • Soothing robotic companion pets that look, feel, and act like the real thing
  • Virtual reality that takes residents back to places they’ve visited
  • Headphones that allow your residents to hear family and friends clearly
  • Captioned telephone service so your residents can read what their family and friends are saying
  • Family photo restoration and digital transfer to keep residents’ memories alive
  • Salon and spa to keep your residents looking and feeling great

Active Aging Week is about highlighting new ideas to help your residents with the active aging process. To learn about any of the CPS vendor programs mentioned above, please complete the form below and we’ll be in touch!

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