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Partnering in senior living to provide the best in savings and service.

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Helping you maximize positive results for clinical and therapy programs.

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Quality and savings in dining programs without compromising quality or satisfaction.

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CPS serves as your expert purchasing consultant, finding the products and services you need at significant savings.  Food and beverage contracts, office supplies, medical supplies or therapy programs are just a few of the areas where we can help you maximize your results without compromising quality.

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Gain access to our extensive network of 250 national suppliers and the top brands they offer.

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News & Press

LCS invites you to step inside the culture of our company. 

Through the sampling of stories, we hope to share with you the depth of our commitment, the integrity of our word, and the standards we set for ourselves. It's this conviction that helps us fulfill our promises to seniors—and deliver on the goals of our partners. Click here to read Leading With Integrity.

A matter of principles. To LCS, our core principles aren't a list of hopeful goals printed on a long-forgotten page.

They are the promise we make to our residents, our partners, our employees—and ourselves. They guide our actions and define our direction. And they deepen our passion for serving seniors. LCS lives our principles, every day of every year. Click here to read A Passion to Serve.

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